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About Jason

Hello, I guess you want to know about me. goes.

My full name is Jason Dean Hartsell. If you have ever talked to me online my AIM name is Purdueguy7. If you haven't you'll have to look me up sometime...I'm on there all the time. that we have general introductions out of the way now to the more pertinent stuff.

I'm a junior majoring in Political Science/Pre-law at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. I'm also thinking about adding a second major, psychology, for the simple fact that I'm going to be 3 credit hours short of graduating in the standard 8 what the heck...might as well switch my psychology minor to a major and make that extra semester actually worth something! I should study more than what I do...but I do OK...maybe some day I'll decide to become studious and get my butt in gear...

I have a wonderful girlfriend...we've been together since June 1, 1999. She goes to Purdue too. You can check her out by viewing her page: Amanda's Page.

This year I decided that I would live with Amanda and my friend Wes. We live in a great apartment in Lafayette. The apartment is practically brand it feels good to know that there has not been a couple hundred people living here before me. It's also a heck of a lot better than the project that I lived in last year, for legal reasons I won't mention their name, but if you were ever there you know what I'm talking about!

This past year I got a crazy idea to join the Indiana National Guard. So, as a result I spent pretty much my entire summer at Fort Benning, GA. For those of you that have never spent more than a couple of days in southern Georgia in the middle of the is HOT. Every day is was near or over 100, with 95%+ humidity. To top it all off I didn't even get a tan since you are never outside in short sleeves past 0630 (6:30 am for you non-military folks). So far I have some mixed emotions about my decisions...if I had to put a positive to neutral to negative ratio it would be 50:30:20. It was a pretty neat experience that let me do some things that "normal" people never get a chance to do or experience, i.e. Machine guns on full auto, night vision, C4. I'll probably put a basic training link up eventually...but for now I have to get the rest of this page working.

I also just built a new old laptop just wasn't cutting it anymore. Check out the differences here. It was my first time building a computer...I didn't have any MAJOR problems during assembly...just a bad motherboard and my spending 3 days working out a power on problem to have it just be a wire connected wrong. From now on everything gets double checked.

You can check out my page too!

Well...that's enough for now...I'm sure that I'll add some more later!

Last updated 11/5/00