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January 2001

This is some selected pictures from my digital camera for this month. Click to see a larger image. Hit the back button to get back here! Sorry about this not being as nice as the old page (with descriptions) but that takes forever...and just gives me reason to put it off...this way you get to see the pictures! Thanks!

This is Amanda at her computer.
Amanda making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Amanda and Susan on the couch at Amanda's house.
Amanda and Katelyn playing on the computer
Amanda and I's Christmas tree.
Amanda and I playing around with the camera.
Katelyn striking a pose.
Katelyn on the chair in the livingroom.
This is a joke with Katelyn, we told her she had to sleep in the didn't sleep there the entire night!
A picture of our livingroom.
Wes chillin'.
Wes with Scott in the background.