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1/24/01 10:14 p.m.
Hi all! It's Amanda now! We have been really awful at keeping this thing updated. :) I promise to try harder. I think that since we can only update on Jason's computer, that he should be the one who does this the majority of the time. After all, he is on here all the's not very often that he isn't sitting here! I just got on now b/c he was in the restroom! Haha. is officially underway. Yuck. My big news is that I joined a sorority here. It's so fun! I love it. I keep meeting so many people, and I constantly have things to do. It's great. I love to stay busy. :) Jason is working on being a good student. Goes to all of his classes (except a couple of those early ones that we just can't get out of bed to make it to), and claims that he is keeping up on his reading. I'm doing okay...could stand to do a little better in organic, but hey...we'll see what happens.
1/16/01 8:32 pm
Hey, another update...they are getting more and more infrequent...but hopefully that changes. Nothing really is all that exciting...but I guess that I'll just start ranting again, so that there is something to update! I should change the title of this section to "Stuff", because that is all it really is...just stuff. There is not very often something classified as "news" on here. Yesterday I watched "Finding Forrester" with Amanda and her is a really good show and I recommend it to everyone! Well...that's news...have a good night...more to come later!
1/8/01 1:30 am
Boy, it's been a long time since an update...guess I wasn't just on vacation from school! Nothing all that exciting has happened with Amanda and I, just pretty much the same old. The last week and a half or so has been super relaxing and a great break from all the hustle and bustle. I'm happy, I purchased a digital camera, a Fuji Finepix 1300, so now I should have some pictures on that are not scanned. I'm not sure how I'm going to put them up...we'll see. I also bought a decent photo-quality far it has been really good. I bought some photo paper and you can't tell the difference between real pictures and the digital camera ones! The dilemma I'm having now is getting the pictures the right size (ie 4x6 or 3 1/2 x 5). I'm sure that I will figure it's just a matter of time. Well...tomorrow is the first day of school...just wanted to put an update up...good night!
12/28/00 12:14 pm
Hi there. It's Amanda. I haven't updated in a while...sorry about that. I really don't have much going on. This is going to be a pretty boring week for both Jason and I. I have been working every day....and will until Sunday. I get up (usually sleep in late), eat, get ready, and then have to go to work until 10:00. By the time I get home I am so tired that I am usually in bed by 12. Jason stays home all day, but since he doesn't have a car, there isn't much for him to do, so his day consists of t.v., movies, and computer. Nothing very interesting to update! So, if we slack off a bit until Jan. 1st, it's b/c we don't want to bore anyone too much with the same news over and over! It will get better, I promise!

12/26/00 5:35 pm
Hello, it's Jason. First off I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates, I have been gone and busy so updating has taken a back seat. Hopefully I didn't ruin anyone's holiday! Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas...I know that Amanda and I both did! Saturday my parents came down and we had an early Christmas. Everyone had a really good time. They actually spent the night, which was a big surprise. Sunday Amanda had to work, and I spent most of the time cleaning the apartment. Then after she got back from work we went to her dad's, where we had another Christmas. Then we went to her mom's where we watched TV and then went to bed. Christmas day was pretty good, it was a nice relaxing time. Then today we came back here (to our place) and Amanda went to work, and I began working on her computer. Well...nothing has went right...the software that came with her new hard drive was out of date and complicated things...I've been working 3 hours on a project that should take 30 minutes. Hopefully I have it fixed now, I found an update of the software! I'll find out in about 20 minutes when the files are finished copying. Until then, I'm bored...well have a good day...this wasn't a great update but I'm sick of sitting around and want to begin watching some of the DVD's I got from Scheryl :)
12/21/00 11:38 pm
Hello, Jason here. Amanda got after me for the first time ever about not updating! (like she has any room to talk!!!). Well, anyway....I guess that it was my turn to update anyway. I started working on some new menu buttons today...but I didn't really like how any of them me being hard nosed deleted all of them. Maybe I'll decide on a design I like better later. If you are from Indiana you can vouch for this weathers....I feel like a nice warm vacation to Antarctica! Tonight the low is oh... -1 to -5. Don't you feel the flesh freezing as we speak? Amanda and I have both been pretty lazy...we've left the apartment the last two days so that is always a good start! We were pretty bad there for a couple days...we were beginning to have Cabin Fever. We missed one of our Thursday night shows Gilmore was a rerun I think so it was no big deal. We did watch Charmed, and we are slowing beginning to figure that show out...I never knew that a show about witches could be so darned complex. Then I watched another rerun of ER. While I'm on the subject of TV...I think it was Tuesday night we watched Dharma and Greg...that show is hilarious! Has anyone else caught themselves singing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"? I'm slowly starting to get in the Christmas spirit and becoming a little less Scrooge. Talk to you later!
12/19/00 6:19 pm
Hi there. Well, today was pretty boring. It is only the 2nd real day of break, and I am going out of my mind b/c I am so bored! Let's see what happened today. Jason made bread in his bread maker. I guess it didn't rise to his liking, but it sure smells good. I can't wait to taste it (oh...but we have no fact, we don't have much of anything...and it's Jason's turn to buy groceries and he has no money. And I have none either. Guess we'll be eating dry bread...sorry...back to the day's events) We also both went to the fitness center in the clubhouse and attempted to workout. We sadly realized how out of shape we were. We're still going back tomorrow though. Oh, Jason watched Teletubbies and laughed at it...he seemed to enjoy it for a while. :) Hahaha! Then he took a 2 hour nap, and I watched TLC's A Wedding Story and A Baby Story. I'm addicted to those shows. They also have A Makeover Story and A Dating Story. You should watch em sometime. They are on weekdays until like 2:00 pm. Jason hates them. Oh well. Gives him time to play his stupid computer games. Well, I am going to get ready for the day (yeah...I've been in my pajamas all day). See what other exciting things the day/evening holds for us. :)

12/17/00 5:22 pm
Hello, it's Jason this time. Amanda was right and I'm not going to just have her do this...I'll still do it and yes, I was waiting on her to update. I was getting kinda sick of doing this and mine. Hmm...what is new...we had a night out last night that got cut short due to inclimate weather...we'll finish it tonight. Yesterday the weather caught at least me by surprise...had no idea it was coming. Today we organized the computer it is a hundred and fifty percent better. I made Amanda's day by throwing away a bunch of my empty was hard...but I did it. Tonight we are probably going to go see that movie we missed tomorrow. See ya!
12/16/00 1:25 pm
Okay okay! It's Amanda. I guess Jason is going to just wait for me to do this, and not do it himself anymore. Finals are over!!!! Yea! I had my last one yesterday morning. I am so happy. It's nice to not have anything to worry about for a while. Today I slept until 1:00. I went to bed at 9:00 also. Lots of sleep for me. I've needed it though b/c this whole week I haven't been able to sleep. I've always been up until 4:30 in the morning. It was quite annoying. Especially the two times when I had an exam in the morning. Yuck. Not sure what the plans are for today. My mom invited us to go to an open house with her. I don't know if we are going to or not. Jason just suggested we work on organizing our computer room. We'll probably do that. We bought a big bookcase so we can clean up all the books off the floor. It will be so much nicer in here. Time for my breakfast/supper! See you later.

12/12/00 11:05 am
Hello everyone! Amanda was doing pretty good for a while updating the page, but she has kind of sluffed off lately. Well...I'll let it slide since it is finals week! Is anyone else glad that the semester is almost over? I sure am! I plan on changing the page up a little sometime over break...still working on the details...I probably won't do it all at once...or maybe I know a nice new overhaul! I'm ticked...I've been pretty much floating in the breeze...Hotmail hasn't been working for sucks! I miss checking my e-mail...Amanda and I probably tried to check our e-mail for a combined 5 hours last night! Come on Microsoft...don't make me go Linux or God forbid Mac. See ya in a couple days...and if you talk to Amanda tell her that you LOVE it when she does the page!
12/10/00 2:21 am
What's up everyone? Not much here in Lafayette. I'm about ready for bed but thought that I'd do a quick little update just for giggles. Not too much is new here...I (Jason) had a one day National Guard was Class A's (our dress uniform). I've never had mine on outside of basic so it was kind of nice to at least wear them. After I got back Amanda and I took Susan to their dads...we stayed over there until like 11:30 or so. Then we came back and Amanda was tired so she went to bed. feels like Sunday. I said there isn't much news...finals starts in couple days...good luck if you have any!
12/6/00 9:30 pm
Ok...before anyone starts jestering and throwing tomatoes at me I apologize about the lack of updates the last few days. The last few days have been really hectic and busy and updating the homepage has taken a back seat (sadly enough)....I promise to try not miss two days in a row anymore...Ok...what's been happening? I had some big papers to do...I have two more papers to do for this exams. Amanda had a lab practical exam...somehow they get away with giving it during dead week. Plus I think dead week is just a sound good...the week is NO different than any other week for that matter! We both are looking forward to the end of school for 2000 and a nice long Christmas break (as everyone is). Enjoy this nice crisp winter air (HA!).
12/3/00 4:03 am
Hey, this is an odd hour to do the news...but hey...update when you can :) Amanda isn't here :( she is in Indy visiting some old Butler friends! She's not gone too often and she's missed. I don't have anyone to pick on...nor do I have anyone to talk to...and those of you who know me know that is TERRIBLE!!! She said that she'd be back early tomorrow...probably before her meetings that start at like 5. Today (well yesterday "officially") I ate at Pepe's, it was a nice treat. Also...Amanda got a new surprise...I don't think I'll tell everyone what it is...she might get mad at me...but I might have to put a picture of her wearing them on here. I also got a new pair of shoes...I got a pair of New Balances. They are pretty light and comfortable...hopefully they last for a while. Well...I'm kinda tired...I'm going to go to bed and read some.
12/1/00 10:35 am
Hello! Jason doesn't know I am doing this w/out his "pushing", so boy is he going to be surprised. :) He is in the living room working on that paper. Yep. He worked on it last night, and then was up early this morning to work on it some more. Last time I was in there he was on page 13. I don't know how he does it! I had my organic exam last night. Yuck. Didn't go so well. I'm a bit worried about that class. Today I only have 1 class - calculus. It is also snowing outside. Huge flakes. I'm contemplating a trip to Butler this Saturday, but it depends on if anyone will be around to see me or not. So far it's not looking good. Tonight Jason and I may be going out to a party, but we have to figure out how we are to get home first. We'll see what happens. I'm sure we'll let you know. That's all for now. Have a good day.
11/30/00 12:32 am
Hello, from now on our little news updates are probably pretty much in vain. We've probably maxed out the visitors so we are probably just keeping an online history or something. Oh well...all for the betterment of science or something like that. I can't believe that I've only had this page for less than two weeks and already I'm sick of how it looks...guess that it's time for a redo or something. I'm not sure what I am planning...I'll probably do it over winter break...but I'm going to try to do something interesting. Today Amanda studied Organic a bunch so she gets some good karma points. Hmm...Jay Leno was hilarious tonight...Amanda and I were rolling! Well...tomorrow Amanda will update...I promise.
11/28/00 7:31 pm
Well, it's Jason here...just to update there is still no Christmas tree...that will be later. I'm also jealous...seems it's just Amanda's people coming to the page...heck no one has even came to mine yet...didn't know I was the jealous type until now! Amanda also has been bad and hasn't studied Organic as much as she should...but I won't tell (oops...too late for that). And I haven't worked on my papers...but I always do them :) Well...thanks for coming by...hopefully you liked it here!
Hola. It's Amanda again. Jason is giving me crap about not updating this, so I have agreed to do it every other time. Today we were supposed to meet my Dad for lunch, but things changed. :( Neither one of us went to any classes today. Bad, bad, bad. Oh well. I'm planning on studying organic ALL DAY long. I have an exam on Thursday. Jason has a bazillion papers to write. He needs to get working on them. He'll probably end up doing them at 2:00 in the morning right before they are due (like usual)! Maybe I can convince Jason to put up the Christmas Tree today. He wasn't in the festive mood last time I asked. We'll see. That's all for now. Talk to you later.

11/26/00 2:48 pm
Hello everyone! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the last day of the Thanksgiving holiday! I'm spending my last day all by myself (unless Wes comes back soon). Amanda is working from 3-10 today :( She doesn't feel good today and according to her she hopes that she isn't too much of a ditz today! She is suffering from a little cold...I'm sure that she'll be better in no time flat though! Today is another dreary day...I miss sunshine and it isn't even December yet! Looks like it's going to be a long winter! Anyone put their Christmas tree up yet? Amanda and I will probably be putting ours up soon, maybe I'll put a picture of our little tree up when it's complete! Well...hopefully Amanda has the next update :) One time just doesn't cut it!
Hi there. This is Amanda. Jason has been getting after me to do the news, so here I am. Hope he is happy. We just got back from the long drive from his house. :( Of course, Jason slept all the way back, making it even more boring, but that's okay I guess. Tomorrow is another long drive to visit my family. Today is a resting day. Hopefully catch up on homework. My sister is going to come over today also. We're going to try to get Jason to highlight her hair. After the near fiasco with mine, he's a bit nervous about it. We'll see what happens...
Happy Thanksgiving everyone...hopefully this finds you in good spirits. Amanda and I are both enjoying our fur low from school. We will be going to my parents (Jason's) on Thursday and Amanda's uncle's on Saturday. Well...thanks for taking the time to read this...hopefully Amanda gets her little butt in gear and she can start updating the news once in a while (I have to do the news for our page and my page!).
Well the site is uploaded and everything is running. Please let us know if it is down or screwed up. Also it is the start of thanksgiving break! Woohoo.