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   Laptop (old) Desktop (new)
Processor 233 Pentium w/ MMX 700 Duron
Ram 32mb 128mb PC133
Hard Drive 2.5GB 20.5GB 7200rpm Quantum Fireball LM
 Video 2mb 32mb ATI Rage Fury w/TV-Out and inputs
 Floppy 3.5" 3.5"
CD-ROM 20x 8x Panasonic DVD-ROM
CD-RW none  Yamaha 8x/8x/24x
Monitor 12.1" Dual Scan LCD 17"/16" viewable Futura
Speakers Kinyo w/ a blown sub Benwin flat panel w/sub
Case Laptop iMacish Green 3 5 1/4" external, 1 3 1/2" external, 2 3 1/2" internal.
Fans There was one but it never turned on 1 power supply, 1 case fan, 1 PCI slot exhaust, and 1 fan on the CPU heat sink
Modem 56k PCMCIAA that doesn't work 56k v.90 w/ speakerphone
 Mouse  Mitsumi scoll mouse Microsoft Intelimouse Optical (this is really great!)
Extras none
  • USB Hub
  • USB Zip100
  • Microsoft Sidewinder USB Gamepad
  • D-Link USB Radio
  • Dual CP-VUE external temperature display-FIC AZ11 Motherboard
  • Thermaltake chromeorb CPU cooler
  • Thumbscrews
  • Keyboard w/shortcuts