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Susan's B-ball

From 3-10-01

These pictures below are just some random the thumbnail to see a bigger selection! Also, I've found out that it takes forever to do a seperate page for each click on the picture and the picture will load up in this area. To get back here hit the back button...takes you a little more time but saves me a couple hours, but it's still taking over an hour and a half! ;) Susan is number fifteen. Also, I've found one of the limitations of my camera....the slow shutter speed! So in order to compensate I had the flash on, which lowered the white balance and the AE, so the pictures look bad. Thats one of the downfall of having an automatic camera...hopefully next year I get a manual one so I can correct that.

Susan taking the ball across the center line.

Susan looks to pass through the entire team!

Susan checking out the defense.

Susan you gotta block out to get the rebounds!

Is she daydreaming?

Susan is trying to fly, but it isn't working!

HELP! I went baseline but they boxed me in!

Susan picks up the point guard on D.

It looks like Susan got beat on this one, but she is still trying to grab the steal.

Susan taking the ball up the court.

Susan didn't get beat this time...she stole the ball!

Susan scared her now.....she won't try to drive anymore!

Susan is fouled on the shot....and gets the 2 points!

Susan on the foul line shooting her one shot...she made it.

Susan and Sarah get ready for the inbound pass.

Susan looks for the ball.

Susan drives.

Susan playing with her shirt.

Susan is driving again, you can see the other team trying to catch up!

The game is winding down...Susan appear's to be pooped out!

Susan playing with her shirt (AGAIN!). how you gonna play defense with your feet together?

I like this one...she is walking with both feet off the ground.

This wasn't Susan's fault...someone threw a bad pass...but I like Susan's gravity defying hair!