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Us want to know about us? Where do we start...probably with how we met....

Amanda and I are a product of our generation....we met over the internet in Yahoo chat. Now before you run away in horror you have to hear the whole story. It was our freshman year of college...I was at Purdue and Amanda was at Butler University in Indianapolis. Amanda messaged me asking if I went to Purdue (my yahoo name is mrpurdueboy). We struck up a conversation and became internet friends. The exact date of this first meeting is a hotly debated topic...I think that it was the end of August...Amanda thinks it is more around the 6th of September. Either way it was pretty early in the school year.

We talked pretty regularly for the most part from that day on. We would e-mail, ICQ and talk in chat rooms. We had some empty parts in talking where we wouldn't say anything to the other for a week or so...but for the most part we were pretty consistent.

Jump forward to March '99, Amanda and I decide to finally meet. I decided that Thursday March 11th would be the perfect time, Amanda was on Spring Break, I was about ready to go home for mine and it was a friends birthday. I met her in the Village outside of The Discount Den (that was the only place that she knew for sure how to get to), and we picked up some people and went to a party. Things went ok the first part of the evening...that is until we left and I ended up with some other girl...and left Amanda pretty much on her own. Wait...before you send me hate mail you have to finish the story...

Amanda and I didn't talk for the better part of a month. Then in April I received an e-mail from her pretty much laying things on the line saying how much of an ass I was. Well...we worked things out...I apologized (I am still apologizing!) and we decided on another date. So on May 7th '99 we had a movie set up. Amanda was already done with school for the year and I only had a day left so we figured it would be a good time. We hit it off...pretty much because neither of us were in a dead end relationship and I was not inebriated this time around.

We both went home for the summer and continued to talk online with one another. I invited her to come to my house over Memorial Day weekend, and she accepted. We had a great time and decided that we should go out. The rest of the summer we talked on the phone, online, and saw each other every weekend...then when school came around we both moved two hours away from home...but only one hour instead of two and a half hours apart.

Our second year of college consisted of lots of driving! One of us drove to see the other once or twice a week. Usually it was Amanda coming to stay with me at my apartment...and then once in a while she would come one night during the week.

Our second summer together was pretty much non-existent...I was away at Basic Training and Amanda was back home. We both wrote each other a lot...and let me tell you that if you have never tried to keep a relationship going by JUST writing letters you have no idea what I'm talking about. I believe that I was able to call home a total of three times during the summer...and on a weekend pass we managed to talk for close to twenty hours. After I got back we had the better part of a month together (and a month for my hair to grow back).

Our third year of college...our first year living together. Last year Amanda decided to transfer to Purdue. Her reason being that she didn't like the social atmosphere, for the real reason click here. So far things have been pretty darn good...and I'm sure they will remain that way!