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Alright! Let me have it! I know that I haven't updated in a while! What can I say...I've slacked off! I wasn't going to update our news here tonight...but I spent some time on my page and I know that if I didn't update the news here Amanda would kill me and I personally don't like to get killed ;) I was thinking that Amanda would update...but she has been pretty busy with school so that is an OK excuse! In case you are living in a box, some Purdue students decided to riot after the girls lost the NCAA Championship game. I'm not going to get into it now, but if you want to hear my opinions just head on over to my page and check out my rant section. Let's see...anything else interesting....Amanda has here installation into here sorority this weekend. It was $25 a ticket! I guess that was for the meal...they are have some type of chicken. I tell you better be the best chicken in the entire world for $25. I can but like 8 pounds of fresh chicken breast for that much! But who might end up being really darn good. I'm trying to think of the last meal that I've had that it was $20-30 bucks a plate. I think it was at the Hyatt in Indy for a Sunday Brunch. It was darn good...I think that I'm going to have to go back there again sometime! Alright...everyone have a nice day!
Hello, it's Jason here..I'm doing an update on my laptop, but when I get into the computer room I'll transfer it onto my computer and put it onto the webpage later. I'm typing on the bed right now, Amanda is doing homework (Organic) and I'm kinda watching TV. On TLC right now there is some pretty good show talking about a murder that took place in the 40's. So far there has been some pretty gruesome pictures of a murder victim. It is amazing how a show that is talking about a murder that happened pretty close to 60 years ago can still give you the creeps. Ok...enough about that...this is a news page and I guess that I better talk about news.
Amanda is going to Tennessee this weekend for a wedding. Myself, I'm going to be playing Army. It's been a while since I had a drill so it will be a change. Time is sure flying by this month...I can't believe that tomorrow is the 23rd! I think that each day should be 36 to 48 hours to allow for more "time". I just don't think there is enough time in the day, I'd probably settle for an extra hour or two a night. Lets see...what other news? I registered for classes next year, nothing special there...I still have one more class to add, but I'm not sure what class that it will be...I'm pretty much done with all my pre-requisites and requirements for my major..I just need total credits.
If you tried to get to my page from Sunday to Tuesday, I apologize about it not being there. My page got deleted by the was an accident and it is back up now so that is good. Hopefully it won't magically disappear anytime in the future! So is everyone looking forward to the Oscars? I am...only because I might win a year of movie tickets from the local movie chain! It would be nice to win...but hey...I never win anything. I don't think that I've ever won a drawing in a mall or something. Some people win stuff like that all the time, but not me. If you want to increase your odds of winning, make sure that I've put my entry in...because you I know that I won't win! Ok everyone..that's it for now...hopefully you had fun reading the news, and if you have never signed the guest book before please click home and go sign it! Ok...good night!

3/16/01 12:56pm
Hello, it's Jason here. Decided that I'd do a news update for 3 reasons: 1. The page needs one, 2. I didn't write much the last update, and 3. Amanda has been harassing me because I updated my page with a big news update but didn't do it here. She also has done the last two "real" news updates so I owe her one I guess. She thinks that it's stupid to have two webpages, personally I like it. I can ramble on my page and talk about boring stuff and Army stuff without any adverse affects, and keep this page nice and neat and "normal". Oh gives me something to do. I'm so gonna have to make some new backgrounds, these old one's are starting to get to me! now to the news.
Spring break is almost over :( We haven't really done anything too productive, just rested and relaxed mostly. Next year we definitely are going to go someplace...I heard that Jamaica is nice this time of year :) I really don't care where we go, but Amanda has always wanted to go to Jamaica, so we'll probably go there. A pixel went out on my monitor and it is SO ticking me off! Its just one little dot, but it's always black and irritating the heck out of me. My monitor is warranted for 3 years, so when I get around to it I'll get a new one from the company. The weather luckily has been pretty nice the last couple's been in the 50's, but not really sunny, so that is always a bummer. Nelly is coming to Purdue in April, Amanda and I will be taking Susan to it. We offered for her to bring a friend, but she said that she just wanted to go. Ok...that's about all I have...thanks for reading this...sorry it's not too exciting, but oh well!
Hey, it is Jason. I just added some new pictures...check them out if you get a chance!
Amanda here's 7:12 pm and Jason is just now getting into the shower. He has been playing around with the computers all day. What a geek. is our first official day of Spring Break. Friday I took my 4th and last test for the week. Then I had to work. I went to the tanning bed and burned the heck out of myself. It was so uncomfortable. It finally stopped hurting today. So, of course, I went back. But not for as long this time. So far, I'm not red...that's a relief. Saturday morning we went to my sister's basketball game at Winamac and then we went to N. Liberty to see Jason's parents. We went to Michigan City to a casino on Saturday night. We both spent $47 all together, and nope...didn't win anything. Afterwards we went to Applebee's for a late supper. Sunday we stayed w/ his parents all day and visited. We got back aroudn 1:00 a.m. this morning. Today has been uneventful. Jason was messing w/ computers all morning. I watched some T.V., went tanning, and worked out. Now we are getting ready to go to the mall to walk around and get out of the apartment. Jason hasn't been there in over a month, and it's been even longer for me. I need some new shoes, but I doubt I'll buy anything. I'll see. I'm starving so I'm hoping Jason will offer to take me out to eat. He was suppose to treat me to Hacienda over the weekend but we never made it. Well, he's out now so I'm gonna get going. Talk to you all later!
3/4/01 10:34
Guess's Amanda! Just thought I'd fill you in on some stories here. As Jason mentioned below, I've been having some funny dreams lately. The other week I had like 3 dreams about Jason cheating on me. No big deal right...they are just dreams. The bad thing is, I wake up and find myself mad at him. Yeah...I know it's just a dream, but I can't help it. So, Wednesday when we were watching Temptation Island, it hit me that maybe the fact that I watch that show every week is the reason why I have been having those dreams. That show disturbs me even when I'm awake. Good thing it's over. Here's the other story I want to share - Normally we just set my alarm clock (which is next to the bed), and I wake Jason. Well, he had to get up early to write a paper, so he set his alarm - which is across the room on the dresser. So, at 5:30 a.m. the alarm starts going off. I hear it first, but am not about to get out of the warm bed to shut it off. I mean...Jason's the one getting up so early. Well, the next thing I know, Jason is reaching over and hitting me in the face, like I am his alarm clock. I said, "Jason, I am not your alarm." Then he reaches over and does it again! I said, "Don't." Then, he half sits up and in this really pathetic, whinny voice says, "Turn it off!!!" By then I was mad. The alarm was super loud, was going off at 5:30, I had been hit in the face twice, and now he was crying like a little kid getting beat up and wants ME to shut off the alarm. So, I said a few "choice" words to him and he finally woke up and shut it off. Then of course, he went back to bed and didn't get up until 9:00. And guessed it...he didn't remember a single moment of it when he woke up in the morning. But I got to have my fun re-enacting the whole "hand hitting the face" thing with him to show him what he did in his no-so-awake moments. I got my revenge. :) Well, that's about it. I have 4 exams next week, so probably won't be updating this week. Then it's Spring Break!! Woo hoo! Not going anywhere, but definitely looking forward to a break from school. Adios chicos!

2/28/01 11:32 am
Wow...I'm spoiling you guys by updating twice in a row now. Just don't get too used to it, I can almost guarantee a let down in the future! Hmm...what about the highlights of today...Amanda had a organic lab practical tonight, so she was there on campus until like 9:30. Then we watched "Grounded For Life" and "Temptation Island". Hopefully the fact that all the couples on the Island decided to stay in their relationship cures her of her nightmares...if you want more details you have to ask her. If you haven't watched "Grounded" it is a really good should check it out sometime. The only downfall is that 60% of the show takes place in even had the very scary flashback in a flashback tonight...totally messing with your mind. Well...that's about it...see ya.
2/28/01 12:23 am
Hello everyone, I was kind of waiting for Amanda to take the initiative and update the page, but I don't think she was planning on doing it so I decided that I would update it! Hmm...where do I start the Amanda got her 21 year old drivers license! She was pretty pleased with how her picture looked, I can't argue she does look pretty darn good in the picture. We had to wait in the license branch for over an hour...they really need to redesign the whole system because its kind of b.s. how they milk your time there! A couple of days ago I did a SLIGHT redesign to my page, it was nothing special...I just wanted to have a little different look. Now at least there is a slight visible difference between the two pages. Amanda is gearing up for a heck of a week next week...she has an exam nearly every night, so she is probably not going to be too happy of a camper. In all honesty nothing really all that exciting has been going on, and that might be part of the reason for the lack of updates (it would help if Amanda did this once in a while *wink*). Really I don't doesn't take that long to write a paragraph or two...she is a lot busier than I am so I understand if she can't. Maybe this weekend I'll upload some more pictures....there isn't really all that many...Maybe 4 or 5, so it will be nothing special, it will just give you something to look at. Anyone have an suggestions or comments, as always feel free to give me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do. Ok...everyone have a good night!
2/19/01 1:31 am
Ok, give me a hard time, but don't hate me...I've been busy! So I'll go through and update you really quick! Amanda turned 21 on the 15th! She said that she had a great birthday so that is good! It made me happy to know that she had a good time. Amanda has been busy doing here sorority stuff...and I've been busy just being me. I did put a stick-it notepad up a few minutes ago to help remind me to update the homepage, it reads "You are bored, update homepage", next time I post picks I'll put that you can see that I've made SOME attempt at remembering to update the page. Have you checked out the links on my page? Go there...there are some neat ones that you'll have to check out. Speaking of pictures I'm about ready to take some more and upload them. In the month and a half that I've had my camera I think that I've take over 400, so that's not too shabby is it? What is that....about 17 rolls of film? Alright...that's about it...good night.
2/1/01 12:08 am
Boy, can you believe that it is already February? Boy time is flying by like crazy! It seems like the school year has just started. what is new with Amanda and I...nothing really. Our lives really have been pretty darn boring, consisting of school, homework, and sleeping. That's pretty much it...there is some food and TV throw in but that is about it! Did anyone watch Temptation Island tonight (Wednesday). That show stinks, but I watch it. It seems like finally they will have a good episode sometime in the future but who knows...they have a bad habit of showing the episode two or three in advance and then not telling you how far in the future it is. That kind of ticks me the show the false sense that it is really "Temptation" instead of "Vacation". Ok...lets see...what else... It's been kind of rainy and yuck here...nothing worth going outside for! Boy would I love some nice spring weather in the 60's. I added a rant to my can check that out by clicking the link to the left. Oh...our page finally got listed in Yahoo, Lycos, Google and a couple other search huh? Now all those thousands of people out there can find us. Ha! Who am I kidding? There is maybe 2 people a week that read this page in addition to Amanda and I. Maybe someday when our page gets interesting someone will come. You know that whole if you build it they will come philosophy.'s built and they aren't coming...guess I have to wait for those little voices to start in again. Speaking of Field of Dreams I should watch that show...I haven't seen it forever. Alright...that is about it...see you later.
1/27/01 6:15pm
All's Jason here...I finally updated the pictures and fixed this HUGE news page. If you want the old news click the link at the top of the screen. I put about a dozen or so pictures on the picture page...hopefully you like. Hmm...what else...finally fixed the network (our intranet) problems we were having but the internet is still all messed up thanks to Resnet (Pursue's server). If they get it fixed maybe we can ping good again. School is going pretty good this semester...nothing special about anything mostly just the same old! Hmm...Amanda is studying right now...she just loves Organic! We ate at O'Charleys with Amanda's dad and step mom was yummy. Last night we ate at the Lafayette Brewing Company. I also bought a filing cabinet and two DVD's, Platoon and American Psycho. American Psycho is one messed up movie...I don't even know if it was good or not...all that I know is that it was crazy! Ok...that's it for now....bye!